Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Egg Nog Helps

Nothing big happening this week and happy to see the end of dreary November. On to the excitement of the Christmas season.

I ventured out yesterday, 'Black Friday', to experience the day, and found the shopping busy but not crazy. I walked to the Rideau Centre at lunchtime and wandered through some of the shops on Richmond Road in Westboro after work. I've been a supporter of shopping local for a long time and always spend most of my Christmas dollars in my neighbourhood - this year is no exception.

Westboro, Wellington West into Hintonburg have great shops with unique gifts and it was lovely walking from one shop to another with darkness settling in and the temperature hovering just below freezing. I indulged in an egg nog tea latte toward the end of my tour before picking up supper to bring home at the Piggy Market. So, Black Friday was a relaxing shopping day in my world, unlike the screaming tug of wars over flat screen televisions that I saw on the news in some American and British stores. I wonder if the brawlers will ever see the irony?

You know, Butterfly Kills official release date in Canada is just two months away with the U.S. release slated for February 24. I've booked my Ottawa launch for February 8 and made up an invitation yesterday on Facebook, just to get the date and details out there. If you are able to come, you are most welcome.

I worked on a Q and A this week for a blog that will be posted in February in Omnimystery News. This took up some of my writing time although I still managed a few thousand words. I'm hoping to get more written this weekend. December is a tough month to buckle down. I'm at the point in the manuscript that I'm having to put a lot of mental energy into figuring out the plot and how it will unfold. I keep wishing for a few weeks to concentrate on the book alone, but my reality is that I only have snippets of time - usually after a full day of work.

Ah well. My grumbles are small stuff in comparison to the tough problems others have to deal with. I'm thankful for my full and happy days...and I got a good jump on my Christmas shopping so see some relaxing time ahead...with more egg nog and time with family and friends.

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