Saturday, November 1, 2014

Keeping the Fun Rolling into Grey November

The Kids' Lit Cafe was held last Saturday at the Greensboro branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Tables were set up around the room and kids and their parents had a chance to chat with some local children's authors about writing. Three workshops were interspersed throughout the two hours and I had the last one for the older kids. Aided by librarian Jessica Roy, I gave some tips for becoming an author and getting published. The kids who participated were keen writers already and a real treat to spend time with.

Below is a photo from the event. You'll see CBC Radio's Alan Neal on the far left - he co-wrote a picture book - and Frances Itani to the far right. Frances is shortlisted for a Giller for her adult novel Tell so wishing her all the best in a few weeks at the awards ceremony.


My next event is in the Toronto International Book Fair on Saturday, November 15. I'll be on a Dundurn mystery author panel from 5-6 p.m. that will be moderated by Quill and Quire's Stephen Beattie. My fellow authors on the panel are Barbara Fradkin, R.J. Harlick, Nick Wiltshire and David Poulsen. Should be exciting.

Well, this week I managed to write the questions to go along with the fourth Anna Sweet - these questions are posted the publisher's website to help tutors who are working with adult learners. I also completed a questionnaire and got some stuff together for a U.S. publicist I'll be working with for the release of Butterfly Kills. The work on my latest manuscript sadly went nowhere this week, but I am chomping to get back at it. Not today, however. I'm curling in a fund-raiser most of the day and will soon be heading out to the rink. Starting off November with some fun and exercise. Never a bad combination.

My good buddy Katherine Hobbs lost her seat on city counsel in this past Monday's municipal election. I was sad that after all the hard work that she put into her four years on counsel, she wasn't better supported by the ward, but such is the way of politics. However, Katherine is such an inspiration. She's been grace under pressure, never taking her eye off her goal to give back to the community. I see the fruits of her labour all across our ward. Well done, I say.

And now, time to collect my curling stuff, have some breakfast and get this day underway. Stay warm, my friends. Be sure to include a little fun and exercise in your day :-)

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