Saturday, December 6, 2014

Count Down to Christmas

A quiet week on the writing front but a busy week otherwise. I sent out my Christmas cards and started lining up plans for dinners and baking, gift-buying and decorating. Less than three weeks to go - I'm hoping to get organized enough that I glide into the holidays stress-free.

Ted and I still buy a real tree. When our girls were young, we'd drive into the country to a tree farm and chop down a tree. Then stop at a cafe on the way home for hot chocolate. The tree farm had a hill where the girls would spend their time sliding while Ted and I debated our choice. Now, we drive a few blocks to the Parkdale Market and select one pre-cut. Sometimes I don't even go if we're running short of time. Traditions are a moving target.

This Wednesday is the Capital Crime Writers Christmas dinner and I'm being interviewed by Mary Jane Maffini for the after dinner entertainment. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone - at last count we have fifty people signed up. Should be a fun evening.

I've been followint the podcasts for a show out of the U.S. called Serial that you might find as fascinating as I am. A reporter Sarah Koenig is re-examining all of the evidence that put 17 year old Adnan Syed away for life for murdering his ex-girlfriend. He's now 33 years old. Each week, Koenig brings another twist into her investigation and she doesn't tip her hand as to the outcome. She's just revealed that there will be a season two and she'll be taking on another case. Anyhow, if you start listening with podcast one, you'll likely become as hooked as I am. You're welcome.

So, I have a busy day ahead and supper tonight with friends. Time to grab one last cup of coffee and get myself into gear. I hope you also are keeping your head above water at this hectic time of year. Remember to take time out to put your feet up with a cup of tea every now and then. Everything that needs to get done will get done eventually :-)

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