Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Book is Launching

Well, at long last, tomorrow is the day of the Cold Mourning launch at Whispers Pub. I'm kind of excited to get this book officially out into the world. I actually wrote it a few years ago and am set to start editing its sequel Butterfly Kills in April. The cover and synopsis are already posted on book sites. I sometimes forget what happened in which book since I'm now immersed in writing book three of the series. Time to kick Cold Mourning out of the nest.

There was a terrific article in the Ottawa Citizen last Saturday about my writing that has generated a lot of interest in Cold Mourning. The book editor Peter Robb spoke with me by phone for about forty minutes and pieced together  a lovely piece from our conversation.

Linda Wiken aka Berkley Crime writer Erika Chase posted a Q and A with me in her Friday blog. Linda and I will be on a panel together at Left Coast Crime, which is coming up soon. Two weeks from now, I'll be packing my spring clothes for a week-long California jaunt. I don't thing the Arctic vortex can follow us there.

And the writing. I surpassed my word count this past week and am on schedule to hit 50,000 words by April. With the California trip and launch ahead, my time is going to get gobbled up, so I feel good that I've made progress on the manuscript. I'll be spending most of today at the keyboard. I also have to get at completing the paperwork for my income taxes. I will put it off, put it off, and then one night I won't be able to sleep thinking about the deadline, and then I'll get up and gather all my receipts and T-4 slips together. This is my modus operendi for tasks I really don't want to do.

If you are in the Ottawa area, I hope you're able to come out and raise a glass with me tomorrow at Whispers. Books on Beechwood will be there with copies of the book for sale and I'll be hanging around with a pen. I'm always very touched by everyone who comes out to support me and this crazy passion of mine as well as those who support me from afar. I'm especially happy that so many of you are taking this journey with me - I feel like I have a village at my back.

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