Saturday, March 29, 2014

Out Like a Lion

This week, back from Left Coast Crime, has been quiet as I settle back into work and crappy cold/snowy/rainy/overcast/sloppy weather. The temperatures are careening wildly although this week, they seem to be hovering just above freezing. Who knew this would be considered a reprieve as we head into April? My few days in California were a tonic. I think that I am going to have to plan an annual trip south at the tail end of winter just to keep sane.

If you missed my blog entries while in Monterey, you can scroll down and follow along with me on the trip.

I've managed to get some writing in since I've returned and am itching to move my story along. I aimed for 50,000 words by the end of March and have already achieved this plus a thousand more. This is the part where the plot starts to get tricky as I reveal a big clue. I actually enjoy working out the puzzles of these plots as I write. The details keep me up at night.

I was thrilled to make the National Post book reviews last Saturday and wanted to attach the review link in this blog in case you haven't seen the review yet. What can I say but yay!

Next Saturday, April 5 between 1 and 3 p.m., you will find me at Brittons in the Glebe (Bank and Fifth) signing copies of Cold Mourning. If you haven't gotten a copy yet and live in Ottawa area, drop by and have a visit. Ted the owner has set up tables for coffee-drinking so it's a fine destination for book and magazine browsing on a Saturday afternoon.

I've got a few more events coming up - I'll be part of a panel at Rideau Chapters on the evening of April 24 as part of the Arthur Ellis shortlist announcements put on by Crime Writers of Canada. I'll also be taking part in a Capital Crime Writers' author and fan day on May 10 with special guest Peter Robinson taking part. I'll give more info for both events next week.

I've got a busy weekend ahead - writing, shopping and getting together with my family on Sunday to celebrate Lisa's birthday and silver medal win at Curling Worlds.

What a marvellous week we've had!

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