Saturday, March 1, 2014

Books Galore

This is the winter that never ends. March 1 feels a lot like January 1 - below normal temperatures this past week and snow overnight. I think we're all starting to get a little weary. Environment Canada came out with the unwelcome prediction of a colder-than-normal March so no relief in sight.

But I've had a rather good week on the book front! Cold Mourning's official release date is today yet it's been in the stores a few weeks now. My copies of the book arrived by UPS on Monday. The excitement of holding the new book for the first time never gets old.

To show how far ahead the book business works, the cover for the second in the series was out earlier this week. What do you think?

I'm at the point in my current manuscript where I keep finding myself at the computer, clicking away. I was aiming for 40,000 words by today. I'm actually closing in on 43,000 words so ahead of schedule. I should hit the 45,000 mark by the end of this weekend, especially since the weather makes me want to stay indoors. My end goal is 90,000 words although I'll be happy with 80,000 since I always add chunks of text in the first round of editing.

I've written a few pieces for various requests coming in from other bloggers. Linda Wiken will be featuring me on her blog on Friday so I'll link to that next Saturday on this blog. I was also interviewed by Deputy Editor Peter Robb at the Ottawa Citizen and the article should be in today's book section. I enjoyed speaking with him and am curious to read what he thinks of Cold Mourning - he was in the process of reading it when we talked by phone.

post note - just heard from a Twitter follower that the article is indeed in today's Citizen! Can't wait to pick up a copy.

So, a writing weekend ahead,  ignoring the falling snow and the swirling polar vortex. Stay warm everyone. Maybe cozy up indoors with a pot of coffee and a good mystery :-)

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