Saturday, March 22, 2014

Left Coast Crime - Day Four

Yesterday was a red banner day. First of all, my daughter Lisa's team was in the one-two playoff game at Ladies' Worlds in St. John against Switzerland. I found the game on the internet and five of us gathered around my little iPad to watch them win! This means they are in the final on Sunday, and now await three other teams battling it out to face them. I couldn't be prouder of the team - they've worked extremely hard to get here and are representing Canada spectacularly.

As irony would have it, I was on a panel yesterday afternoon about Canadians - mystery authors and what we're up to north of the border.  We had a small crowd of readers and they were keen to find new Canadian authors.

(l to r) Jane Burfield (moderator), me, Erika Chase aka Linda Wiken, Cathy Ace, and Loraine Fowlow.

And the Weagles-Chapmans were in the news yesterday - a Canadian Press article about Lisa and the Weagle shot that she and the team are having great success with - 'the tick' now called 'the Weagle'.  I also was thrilled to see Cold Mourning reviewed in the National Post online yesterday. Had me glowing all day.

I attended a panel on setting yesterday morning that was very good and I sat in on Mary Jane Maffini's panel on humour in mysteries - it was hilarious. Very funny women. I rounded out the day by going to an evening showing of Ann Cleeves new series for the BBC, which is set in Shetland. I have a signed copy of one of her books, which I started reading. I can't wait to get home and settle in with it - excellent so far.

Today is the last day in Monterey. I believe we have some shopping on the agenda and the big banquet this evening. I also hear there is a snowstorm going on back in Ottawa. Maybe, I'll have to try to miss the plane back . . . .

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