Thursday, March 20, 2014

Left Coast Crime - Day Two

Wednesday was just a fabulous day. Breakfast on FIsherman's Wharf, a mini version of what we'll see in San Francisco, I am told. Crab eggs benedict at a table overlooking the harbour where the seals were tumbling around in the water.

Then, the Big Sur tour down the coast, past Carmel and heading toward LA. What fabulous views - clear blue skies and no fog. There had been enough rain recently to turn the brown hills green,

And our last stop was a redwood forest - these are magnificant works of nature. They get their moisture from the fog since this area has minimal amounts of rain. Forest fires don't kill them either, unless super intense. They also have dormant 'babies' around their roots that germinate only when the 'mother' tree dies, and most trees live hundreds if not thousands of years. In another life, I want to come back as a redwood.

So today is my first panel mid-afternoon. Linda Wiken and I met with the moderator of our panel last evening in the bar for a drink and chat. Jane Burfield is a short story writer from Toronto and a very warm and interesting woman. I'm going to take in a few panels this morning, but first some coffee and breakfast.  More from the conference tomorrow

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