Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lining up the Future

A week into November. We've had unusually warm weather for this time of year and winter still seems a ways off. I kinow this can change on a dime. Cue the ominous music.....

Writing went slowly this week. I typed in dribs and drabs and really need to spend bigger chunks of time at my desk. But other publicity stuff is going on behind the scenes.

Crime writer and good buddy Alex Brett came over last weekend and we booked flights to Left Coast Crime, which will be in Pheonix in February. This is the same conference that I went to a few years ago in Monterey. I left the snowy north to find not all the world was covered in frosty white. There are still lots of seats to Pheonix if you'd like to come along!

I've been invited to take part in a Canadian crime writer event at Poisoned Pen Bookstore on the Wednesday evening when we arrive in Pheonix, and hope to meet some Canadian snowbirds as well as American readers. There will also be a Canadian author event during the conference and panels - lots of fun and a chance to widen our readership. 

I also signed up to take part in the Beechwood Christmas Market on December 5th from noon to six. Barbara Fradkin and I will share a table - I'll post more information as it draws closer.

And I've got a date for the Tumbled Graves book launch - third in the Stonechild and Rouleau series. Save Sunday, April 3 from 2:00 to 4:00 at Whispers pub to come out to raise a glass and to buy a signed copy from Books on Beechwood. The early reader reviews are giving Tumbled Graves a big thumbs up and I'm excited to share it with Ottawa readers. 

Next up is the taping of a show for Cable 22 the weekend of Novemer 28. Time to stop eating to lose the 10 pounds the camera adds:-) 

Well Ottawa, let's hope this warm weather lasts another week. A girl can dream. 

Have another cup of coffee everyone, and let's get this gift of a day underway!

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