Thursday, October 29, 2015

Fish, Surf and Portuguese Wine

November arrives tomorrow, coinciding with the month I picked to set my next Anna Sweet installment. Such a grey, wet, cold time of year and a perfect backdrop for a crime to unfold. One aspect of mystery novels that I truly enjoy is the creation of mood - sitting in my reading chair with a cup of tea and the fire going and reading about characters walking the streets slick with rain and a wild wind blowing, or sitting in a warm pub or coffee shop with a winter storm raging. And with today being Hallowe'en, what better time to appreciate dark suspense and frissons of fear?

I surpassed my word count this week and am now over 4000 words. It's early days yet for the plot, but I'm circling the wagons and starting into the meat of the investigation. In these novellas, you have to get into the action quickly, but not make it seem that you're rushing. A fine balance.

I've go a few publicity pans in the fire but no public appearances in bleak November as of yet. It is a good time of year to hibernate so I'm happy to take a break :-)

Speaking of breaks from life, we've reached the last leg of our European tour in September...Portugal. We took the bus to Lagos in the Algarve area on the Atlantic coast. We lucked out with accommodations, landing in a two bedroom condo with a pool and five minutes down the cliff to the beach. The weather was still hot and sunny although evenings got cool the last few nights of our five night stay. There were two seafood restaurants on the beach and we went back to Antonio's (our favourite) for three suppers, climbing the steps home in the dark with a big old full moon shining down on us the last night.

On the walk to the beach. 

The fresh catch of the day. I requested they take the head off my sole before serving after the winter brought it to show me whole. Only sole I'd ever seen before was a filet with no way to look back at me.

Sunrise from our balcony. 

We spent a morning and afternoon in the nearby town of Lagos where I bought a hat.

We left our beach abode to catch the flight home from Lisbon. We were staying near the airport, but took a cab down to the ole section of the city for supper. We wished we had another day or two in Lisbon - so beautiful. 

We saw graffiti everywhere we went. You don't want to stay too long in one spot or this can happen!

Now, this is a well rested man!

What a great trip making wonderful memories with good friends. Until next time.....


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