Saturday, November 14, 2015


I attended the November Capital Crime Writers meeting on Wednesday evening where the guest speaker was an expert in extremism and terrorism. Yesterday's horrible attacks in Paris are another deadly event in a chain of incomprehensible violence. Today, the world grieves for the innocent lives lost and for those who mourn their loss.

I've had a quiet week. The latest manuscript is coming along and I'm starting to enjoy the story although I'm still unclear about the plot. A few of the characters that have appeared in the story are changing the direction. I've learned to let the various details percolate until the trail of clues come together and the mystery makes sense.

 I read an interview with Ian Rankin who said that he works much the same way - he starts with a theme and writes his first draft without even knowing whodunnit. The plot unfolds as he writes and the murderer reveals themself during the writing.  He said that a lot of crime writers whom he's spoken with work much the same way. This strategy seems in direct contradiction to the complicated trail of clues, suspects and motivations inherent in a crime novel, but the process works for many, including me! However, I start with a crime and know the culprit before I start writing the first draft. A lot of the in-between is a surprise and it can take a leap of faith to believe all will be worked out. One also needs a good editor to make sure nothing has been missed and that all ties in together and is logical.

Last post I mentioned taking part a Christmas craft sale with some other local authors, including Barb Fradkin. After some discussion, we decided to give it a pass this year. It is difficult to believe that Christmas is a mere six weeks away - I feel like I have to get busy. Shopping and meal-planning are now in my sights. I'll be writing when I have spare minutes, but this is getting into hectic season. It's also a time to see friends and family. Today, more than ever, spending time with those we hold dear is what counts the most.

I've had some lovely praise recently for the Stonechild and Rouleau series from many readers. Some send their thoughts be email and others tell me at events or in passing. Thank you to everyone for reading the books and for going out of your way to let me know they've brought enjoyment. I also appreciate the reviews on social media and book seller sites as well as recommendations to friends. Your support is invaluable. 

Well, time to get myself organized and on with the day.  I wish you a good weekend, everyone. 

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