Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Little Catch Up

Just a little chat this morning. I slept ten hours last night (not including the hour of snoozing in my chair in front of the TV), got up and had two cups of coffee before biking sixteen miles and pumping a little iron - if five pound weights are considered iron. A shower and I am ready for the day.

I was remembering the days back in high school, university, twenties, when sleeping through a Friday night would have been a social failure. Now, it feels like something to aspire to.

The current manuscript that I'm working on is set in a grey, wet November so I'm getting lots of real-time experience as I add the elements of time and place. My two least favourite months have to be this one and February although this year, I'm offsetting cold grey February with a trip to Phoenix to attend Left Coast Crime. My flight is booked and I'll be south for part of five days. These conferences are a terrific way to see another part of the country and to meet authors and hear about their work - a respite from real life. You might consider Bouchercon in Toronto in 2017. Keep an eye on the website to see the author lineup and book early to get a discounted hotel room. Boucheron normally draws 1000-1500 people, including some of the best-selling authors writing in the crime/mystery genre.

The week ahead. I'll be guest blogging on the Criminal Minds blog on November 25th and am working up a piece based on the question R.J. Harlick sent along a few days ago. A great blog to check out - several crime-writers regularly post about writing and the industry.

On Saturday morning, I'll be going to the Cable 22 television studio to film a roundtable show with Barbara Fradkin and Mike Martin. I've been advised not to wear yellow, white or stripes so I got my bee outfit dry cleaned for no good reason it seems.

And, I'll be writing late this afternoon and into the evening if all goes as I plan. I have the next two chunks of the plot worked out in my head and am eager to get them down on paper. The story seems to be coming along well so far and I'm almost half-way through the novella. I'm about to enter the free fall part where I'm not too sure how all the little threads will come together. Easier to go back and fix stuff in these shorter books though.

Okay, enough chatter - time to clean up the kitchen, put on some laundry and get ready for a lunch date with a friend. The writing life is not all the glamour it's cracked up to be although the lunch bit is nice:-)

Have great week, everyone. Don't forget to put books on your gift-giving list - especially some cool Canadian crime!

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