Friday, October 23, 2015

Lots of Bull: Travels in Seville

A quiet week on the writing front. I managed to make some progress on chapter two of my latest manuscript and hope to carve out some time this weekend to get the plot moving.  I feel like I'm still in holiday mode and have to get myself back into gear. It will happen!

I'm enjoying reliving the September holiday, speaking of which, and today share some impressions of Seville, which is a few hours west of Granada. The most surprising thing on this leg of the trip was the non-stop rows of olive groves the entire way. 

Our VRBO in Seville was in the old quarter and a block away from the shops. We were in a Medieval building with a central courtyard open to the sky and a rooftop patio, common to Seville. It rained one night and we could hear the water splashing in the courtyard outside our bedroom window, but good drainage had it dry by morning. This style of building is from the Moorish occupation back in the day.

Up on the roof.
A view from the roof into the central courtyard.

I was very taken with Seville. We had a tapas bar at the end of our narrow street, where we ate supper the first night. Seville is famous for tapas and flamenco dancing - we also took in a show one evening.
A bit of a decor theme in the pub at the end of the street. Not the moose heads of my youth but similar taste.

Impressive dancing and clothing. 

And what trip to Seville would be complete without a visit to the Barber?

And some pics from our travels around Seville....

This is the church where Christopher Columbus is buried. If we'd had another day, we would have toured. Interesting that Ferdinand Magellan set out from Seville for his world tour. Seville is about 2200 years old. It's the hottest city in Europe with average temps around 35 degrees c and was still good and hot mid-September. 

And after three nights in beautiful Seville, we shut the door to our apartment and caught the bus to Portugal. Our last stop next week!

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