Saturday, October 3, 2015

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

Well, I'm back!

Three weeks travelling through Spain, south of France and Portugal and a break from my keyboard and all responsibility - I highly recommend you take time to do the same, if you haven't recently. I'll share some pictures from my trip over the next four or five blog posts - you can travel the streets of Europe as I did the month of September. 

First things first. I will be signing copies of Cold Mourning and Butterfly Kills today (Saturday, October 3) from 11 am to 2 pm at Coles In the Carlingwood mall, Ottawa. Come by and say hello if you have the chance.  

I visited the Cumberland branch of the Ottawa Public Library on Wednesday evening as guest author for an adult literacy event. Dee Sullivan from People, Words and Change spoke about their fantastic work matching adult learners with tutors, and several authors from the Orleans Writing Group read from their work. I talked about my Anna Sweet series and gave a brief reading. It was a most pleasant evening and I thank the Orleans Writing Group for inviting me. We have a lot of talent in our city!

So, I begin my travels in Barcelona, Spain, where we spent five nights. We stayed in an apartment in L'Eixample section of the city on a busy street in the heart of the action. We walked and took city transport, covering one end of Barcelona to the other.

Travel mates and dear friends (even more so after three weeks on the road together) Paul and Kathleen Schiemann and Ted.

Our first day walking the streets in search of the Gaudi church. We thought this was it for a while until we realized it wasn't. The next two photos are of the actual Gaudi church - still under construction. Line ups were too long to tour inside so we kept walking. 

We took a bus up the mountain and found an outdoor cafe with gigantic glasses of sangria. Ted and I figure when in Rome....

 The view after a cable car ride to the very top.

A typical narrow street in the old section of the city. Shops, courtyards and outdoor cafes around every corner.  The photo above this one is downtown Barcelona on a busy morning.
Below are two photos from our stroll up La Rambla - a wide promenade that we walked to the waterfront and the Mediterranean Sea.

 The beaches, not far from downtown.

Found this door to someone's home at the other end of the city.

One of the gardens - Europeans gardens (from those We've toured) are light on flowers and heavy on greenery with sculpted shrubs, trees and hedges.

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