Saturday, June 29, 2013

Taking Stock

This is Canada Day long weekend with the holiday falling on a Monday this year. Ted is working on building a deck in our backyard and I'm . . . editing. Yes, the two books that I've edited and submitted boomeranged back on the same day. Both are due within the week. Luckily, the changes that I'm looking at now are not extensive. The heavy lifting is all but done on both.

I have four manuscripts that I've been working on. If you are as confused as I am, here's their status (I've highlighted the book titles in red in honour of Canada Day :-)

The two Anna Sweet books for Grass Roots Press will be released in September. These are novellas - short, quick mysteries.

My Sister's Keeper is the first and it is complete and ready for print.

The Hard Fall is the sequel and it's the one I'm working on now. Three cover choices arrived this week from the designer and I selected one. The publisher also picked the same one so now Lara has to complete the design - I should have the big reveal very soon. I'll be seeing the manuscript one last time before it is ready for print.

And I now have been offered a contract for two more books in the series.

The first Rouleau Stonechild mystery entitled Cold Mourning will be released from Dundurn in March 2014. It's a full length police procedural and I have this week to do a final read through. This one will be going to reviewers six months ahead of publication, thus the early timeline.

I've submitted the sequel and have tentative acceptance. I'm waiting for confirmation and a contract.

The odd thing about this business, and I'm sure actors find the same thing with shooting a movie, is that you complete a manuscript and submit and go on to work on another project. Months later, you're back working on the manuscript again. In my case lately, the projects have backed up and are all converging. It's exciting but a bit bewildering at times.

My other wonderful news this week is that my youngest daughter Julia graduated with a three year business diploma from Algonquin College to go with her BA in psychology from Trent University on Monday.

Life is all about working hard and celebrating achievements. Well done, ma belle fille!

Speaking of which, time to make some sandwiches for the crew working in the backyard on that new deck. The grinding saw is music to my ears . . .

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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