Saturday, June 1, 2013

June Heat

A week of heat, both weather-wise and for many of our political leaders in Toronto and Ottawa. I'm sure there is fodder for mystery plotlines in there somewhere. Murder, fraud, drugs, payoffs . . . a stretch, I know, but I might be able to think of someone to kill off . . .  fictionally speaking of course.

I spent all of last weekend writing on the manuscript due at the end of June for Grass Roots Press. I left the document open on my desktop computer and typed away from Friday to Sunday, chocking up about 3500 words. I closed the document on Sunday evening and mailed it to my laptop to have another copy, as I routinely do. When I opened the file  again on Monday, none of the 3500 words had saved - apparently, I'd been working in an e-mail version from the laptop. I was pressing save . . . but the new content wasn't, or if it was, I couldn't find it. Normally, I would make a paper copy as back up, but hadn't this time. So, a rather depressing moment. However, since I'd just written all those pages, I was able to recall most of the content and caught up quickly. I've got about four thousand words yet to go before the first draft is complete. Needless to say, I'm saving as I go all over the place and printing new pages. I really like the characters in this series. The relationship between Anna Sweet and her military dad is unfolding in a surprising but lovely way. It's like visiting friends every time I enter their world.

I've heard from Jennifer, the editor working on Cold Mourning. She's enjoying the manuscript and will have her changes to me at the end of this week. I then go through her changes and have two weeks to review. This is the time for me to make any major revisions. The next time I see the manuscript, it will be close to final. In the meantime, I've had bookmarks made up for promotion. I'm going to visit a library in Montreal to speak about my adult books in July so these will come in handy.

I belong to a reader site called Goodreads. People from around the world join to discuss books and post reviews. Authors can set up pages and post information or interact with fans. I received a little boost when I saw a review for In Winter's Grip - the woman gave it five out of five stars and here is a snippet of her comments:

"Minnesotta where it all takes place is icy in every respect but the heroine is a person whom I grew fond of. There is suspense but the author takes her time to give us a lively picture of a small town and its people, their conspiracies, sympathies and tragedies. This is not new but when it is done well, it is always rewarding for readers like me. There is also a healthy dosis of realty (i.e. working life) in this book which makes it authentic in every way. I had some satisfying hours with this mystery."

You can sign up for Goodreads for free if this giant bookclub appeals to you. They often have free giveaways for new books. Authors like me, really enjoy reading these reviews from people who love books.

So, a busy Saturday ahead and a break from my keyboard. I'll be spending the afternoon with my daughter Lisa - lunch out and a spa visit. Then, meeting friends for supper at a neighbourhood restaurant. Tomorrow will see me gardening and writing. A lot to pack into two days as always.

Wishing you a good weekend, everyone.

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  1. Hi, Brenda. Next time you have that trouble with a disappearing file, as you describe above, you should be able to find it by opening your "recent" documents on the laptop, and find it that way. Your file was likely saved, just in a temporary directory. But I'm glad you were able to re-create your magic. Cheers! John H.