Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hard At It

Where has the day gone?

I've been busy reviewing the edits from my Grass Roots Press editor for The Hard Fall, second in the Anna Sweet series. Pam Robertson has a great eye and made several useful suggestions that make for some writing of new scenes. I'm about half-way through now and hope to wrap up tomorrow. Some more great news for this series - the publisher asked this week if I would write a couple more for next year. So, more Anna Sweet mysteries on the horizon! There will also be a full page spread in the next catalogue, highlighting the series. Yay!

I had to write a book cover blurb for The Hard Fall, which I submitted a few days ago with good feedback. You are the first to have a look:

Wealthy business owner Paul Taylor is in jail for the cold-blooded murder of his lover Laura Flint. She is found dead in his bed one hot August morning. Taylor’s super model wife is the only one to stand behind him, but even she has doubts. Taylor is about to go on trial -- and he is the only suspect.

Anna Sweet of Storm Investigations agrees to take on his case with little hope of winning. The trail of clues is about to lead her into a hornet’s nest of ugly secrets. Will Anna find new evidence to clear Taylor's name? Or is she working to free a killer?

Now just waiting to see the cover design.

Meanwhile, I had a few final edits from Dundurn to go through for Cold Mourning. It went for final set up on Friday. I'll have one more go through of the final in a couple of weeks. I feel like I'm in a choreographed ballet, dancing from one project to the next and back again. Maybe, it's more like juggling . . .

Seven books published and contracts for six more - but who's counting?

And my last writing news - I received the contract from the Montreal library for a speaking engagement in early July. My talk will be part of the grand opening of a new branch so very cool. I know my French tutor at work would love to have me present in French, but happily for the audience, I'm invited to speak in English.

And that is all my writing news for this week. Short and sweet and now back to the editing . . .

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