Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rendez-Vous in Montreal

A wind-swept shot of me in front of the brand spanking new Du Boise Library in Saint-Laurent Montreal. In fact, today is the opening day of this two-year project! I was invited to talk about my books and do a reading in the adult section to a small crowd of mystery fans. It was about a thousand degrees in the shade, so the gust of wind was most welcome.

(I swear to you that there were more people in those chairs.) Posing with Marie-Claude, who organized my trip, and her assistant after the reading. They have a lovely little section set up for events in the adult section that looks out over the woods. The library is monstrous. Apparently, the next stage of the project is a sports facility next door.

So, I spent the week on holiday doing a lot of editing on two manuscripts, finishing up the last on Thursday night. I received confirmation this week that the Cold Mourning sequel has been picked up by Dundurn for a spring 2015 publication - the contract is being drawn up now. I also received two contracts from Grass Roots Press this week for two more Anna Sweet mysteries. My cup really is running over.

I know I promised pics of Ted and the new project in our backyard.  I took these last weekend but no developments since then. Ted worked on a roof in the heat and humidity every day last week, so crashing in the air conditioning after supper seemed like the saner idea rather than slogging out in the backyard. He also drove me to Montreal today so I'm to blame for the lack of progress this weekend.

And now, I'm going to slow his progress a bit more this evening. We're heading out to celebrate those book contracts with a fine meal and bottle of wine :-)

Stay cool, my friends.

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