Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hair Today

It takes a village to make a successful photo shoot.

The thought of having my photo taken for book covers and publicity is not top of my bucket list; however, I have to say that my friends help to make it as painless as possible.

It started yesterday when I went to Bayshore to find a new blazer and possibly a new shade of lipstick. The salesgirls in Jacob and Mac (The Bay) were extremely helpful - I came away with a jacket a size smaller than I would have picked (it fit, but I always picture myself as a bigger size than I am) and a little bag of makeup, suitable for having one's portrait done. This morning, bright and early, my lovely hairdresser Barb Hutchings fixed my hair and applied the make up and wouldn't take a cent for her labours. Then, it was off to Christine Tripp's studio in the Glebe for an hour of 'lift your head' and 'give us a smile'. Christine is on the left above with her two photographer apprentices Jill and Matt. Seriously, they were great fun, professional and had me relaxed in no time. So now, we just have to wait for the proofs, likely in a week or so. Hopefully, they'll be enough variety to keep me going for a few years.

Well, a few events coming up with my pals Chris Forrest and Tim Wynne-Jones. The one open to the public is at the Ottawa Public Library, main branch on Metcalfe Street from 7-9 on Tuesday, April 12th. Chris and I are doing short readings and then will settle in to a chat led by Tim about writing and whatever takes our fancy. There will be time for Q's and A's from the audience. I hope you can come by - free and open to all.

Okay, well now that I'm all dolled up, it's time to head out for lunch with a friend. Best to take advantage of a good hair day :-)

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