Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winter Coat on Standby

It was great fun to be on two panels this week with my friends Chris Forrest and Tim Wynne-Jones. The first panel at a fundraiser for the Ottawa School of Speech and Drama took place Saturday night. It was a swank affair with wine tasting and tasty food to sample. Mary Jane Maffini and Barb Fradkin joined us to read from our work and discuss crime writing, a discussion led by Tim. He also interviewed me and Chris at the Ottawa Public Library on Tuesday evening. The Library recorded our readings and chat and will be posting on their site - it was a relaxed event, led by the fascinating and incredibly talented Tim, who has not one but two Governor General awards for his writing. Chris said afterward that he could have kept talking with Tim all evening and I have to agree. In the photo above, are Chris, Tim and me. I'll let you know when the audio tape is online. It's been feeling this week like spring is keeping a toehold on the winter side of the street. Today is overcast and rain is in the forecast for the entire weekend. My tulips are up but seem to have stalled. I think I hear them calling for a blanket when I step outside, but that could be just the wind whistling around my head, making me hear things. There are signs that winter is on the way out. For one, curling is over for me as of last Thursday. I'm ready to hang up my broom for the season and will now turn my attention to writing in the evenings. Ted has been talking golf swing, handicaps and early morning games so I'll also be spending those mornings working at my computer too. The changing of the seasons does get me reassessing my schedule and invigorates me to get into some new projects. Heck, I'm even thinking about getting on my stationary bike today . . . just thinking mind you. We saw the Lincoln Lawyer last night at the Kanata 24. It was good. I'd read the book a while ago and thought the movie caught the feel and nuances of the plot very well. A thumbs up. I'm currently reading Mary Jane Maffini's latest: The Busy Woman's Guide to Murder, which just got an excellent review in the Globe and Mail. Way to go my friend :-) Easter is a week away. I'll be ordering a stuffed pork roast from my favourite neighbourhood butcher Saslove's and baking lemon meringue pie on the day. My girls will be over for dinner and hopefully we'll be sitting outside enjoying the hot sunshine before our feast. The mercury has to climb past three at some point, doesn't it?

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