Sunday, October 31, 2010

Almost Home

We arrived back at Shelley's in Chagrin Falls just after five-thirty this evening. This morning, I was part of a second panel, which dealt with early book, movie and tv influences on our writing. It was like a trip back down memory lane. We drove straight here after the panel and book signing ended.

All in all, it's been a great experience. The fans who come to these conferences are knowledgeable readers who love sitting with authors and talking about books and writing. I met so many lovely people, including two retired school principals whom I sat with at dinner last night. It turns out one has a review column on kids' books, and she was keen to get my book info for the YA books. I left two copies of In Winter's Grip with two other reviewers this morning. Not only do the people at these conferences expect you to promote your writing, they demand it - they are looking for new authors to read!

Tonight, we are heading into town to a wine bar and then back to Shelley's for the meal prepared earlier today (it smells like ambrosia). I'll be rounding up Mary Jane early tomorrow to get on the road before 7:30 as we have about a 10-hour drive ahead of us. Mary Jane is not an early morning person so we'll be fueling up on coffee as we cut across the states to Watertown. All in all, this has been a great road trip - we've spent a good deal of our time laughing - if you know Mary Jane, you'll understand how that happened! Looking forward to home . . . .

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