Saturday, October 30, 2010

Murder in Muncie

Well, we're nearing the halfway point in the conference. We pulled into Muncie around five o'clock yesterday and realized we had no idea where the six o'clock dinner was to take place, or the conference for that matter. Oops. Also turns out we are the only two authors in this particular motel. So, another mad scramble to change clothes, trowel on the make up (Mary Jane's expression, not mine) and careen over to the conference centre after only losing our way I once. You'll be glad to know they were short four dinners so we had to wait another half hour anyhow while they cooked new dinners for our entire table.

We've met many great readers and authors since then. This morning, I was interviewed for a PBS and Utube clip as were over twenty other authors, then had my panel on creating setting. It went well, and I even sold some books. Now, we're back in the motel resting up for the banquet and a night of networking.

As promised, Mary Jane has agreed to be my first ever guest blogger, and here she is to say a few words!

I am glad to be here and even more glad to be alive. Brenda is a great travelling companion, although our third passenger, Jeeves the GPS, tends to misbehave. One of the best parts of this trip has been the discovery of a reading America in the most unexpected places. On our way to Muncie, driving through Ohio (a very wide state it seemed to us) we needed to have a rest break and lunch. We were on a highway (don't ask us which one) surrounded by fields which seemed to stretch forever. Brenda and Jeeves got us off in search of a place to eat and we went backwards and sideways and through (big surprise!) fields when we got to the Village of Bluffton, which was nicely picturesque. At the Common Grounds Cafe, we discovered not only that the manager has Canadian friends, kids who are voracious reader, is a reader herself and also runs the cafe book club. Who knew? We got a great reception there and exchanged bookmarks, cards and promises of Facebook, blogs and more.

For me that was almost as much fun as being 'carded' in Muncie (a highlight of the trip) when I bought a replacement bottle of wine. I guess the drinking age is 62.

Now we are off to the dinner to schmooze and laugh. My big challenge is getting Brenda to wear the witch's hat that our good friends John and Toni at Foul Play gave us. I may have to blackmail her into it, so wish me luck. The adventure continues. And it is Brenda's birthday, so who knows what will happen.

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