Saturday, October 9, 2010


October 9, 2010 - If John Lennon had lived, he'd be 70 years old today. Imagine. I remember the first time I heard of the Beatles. We were visiting friends of my parents and their son Mark somebody told us we had to listen to this new record he'd just bought - my sister and I went into his basement and listened to "I Want to Hold Your Hand" on his little record player. We found it revolutionary. I was probably in Grade Five. Shortly after, the four mop tops appeared on the Ed Sullivan show and I was convinced Paul McCartney was my destiny - me and a billion other young girls believed the same . . . uh, hormonally charged fantasy. Back then, you were either a 'John' or 'Paul' girl. I fell into the latter group. Amazing that two such talented blokes got together at the right time and place, not to take anything away from George and Ringo. Ah yes, those were the days, my friend.

I haven't gotten in much writing this week but am itching to get back at it. Whenever I take a little break from the keyboard, I start to get this overwhelming need to write. I'll start rearranging my commitments to give myself time. This weekend could be tough to find that time. My nephew arrives this afternoon from Toronto where he's going to college and I'm cooking the big turkey dinner for nine on Monday. I bake pies and cook up cranberries - the whole she-bang. I love doing it, but the preparation is time-consuming.

Just two weeks until Mary Jane Maffini and I hit the road to promote our books. Our first stop is Oakville Chapters on October 26th. My friend Deanna is putting us up for the night so that will be a wonderful start. From there, we go to Ohio and Indiana. Just to keep my stress factor on red alert, there was a hold up at the printer and In Winter's Grip is still not available. Time is getting tight if the book is to be in all the places we'll be visiting. Keep your fingers crossed - the book should be out any day now.

Well, I have a full day ahead. I start with some door-to-door campaigning at noon with Katherine Hobbs, who is running for city counsellor in my ward (Kitchissippi). She has a lot to offer and my great hope is that our voters recognize gold when they see it. Then, we're off to the train station to pick up Dylan and the weekend festivities get underway.

Wishing each of you time this weekend with family and friends, a good meal and moments to recharge and reflect. The beauty of the fall colours is a gift to all of us.

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