Friday, July 9, 2010

When the Weather is Hot

The heat this week has been incredible - mid-forties every day since the weekend if you include humidity. (I could be a stand in for Shirley Temple if she needed a hair double.) Luckily, I am on holidays and have access to a pool and air conditioning and hair gel.

Ted and I went to see a matinee - The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo yesterday at the Rainbow theatre in St. Laurent shopping centre. I had no idea they even had a theatre but that was the only place this movie was showing in Ottawa. The theatre was cozy and freezing - I stumbled when we walked out after the show, my feet were so cold. The oddest thing. Two women sat down behind us (there were empty seats everywhere) and spoke to each other through all the opening trailers until another person told them to be quiet. As the movie started, one of these two women tapped my on the shoulder a few times and asked me to move seats - she said she couldn't read the subtitles . . . and she came in after me! I stayed where I was. sheesh. Then, another woman behind us (not in the same two) kept getting up to leave when a violent scene was on - she had to step over several people each time. As the ending carnage began, she and her husband excused their way down the line and out the door. I think the heat is making people stranger than normal.

I've been writing every day, trying to get past the feeling that I don't like the manuscript anymore. This seems to happen with every one at some point. I think it's spending too much time going over the same words and losing perspective. I'm around 50,000 words though and reluctant to stop until I see it through. I wonder if this happens to Atwood?

I've also been finalizing what I'll be doing for Wakefest in August and setting up a book launch for November with Barbara Fradkin. Diane Walker of Leishman books is booking the Library and Archives but having trouble getting the date we want. Fingers crossed.

So, I have another week off. Tonight, my old bookclub is meeting for the first time after a brief hiatus. We are about ten women, mostly neighbours or neighbours who've moved away, and we try to meet once a month. To belong, you have to host once a year and supply wine. We select a book every month, but very few ever read it. Our main rule is the one about serving wine.

I hope everyone is managing to stay cool. Environment Canada is calling for lots more heat ahead . . . .

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