Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taking Care of Business

It's a fabulous sunny Saturday morning to start the August 1st long weekend. I've been up early reading Harlan Coben's thriller One False Move, realeased in 1998. It's a snappy read, full of humour and one-liners. But enough frivolity. I need to get down to business.

I heard from my publisher about the manuscript entitled After Annie. While she likes all the plotlines, she would like me to pick one to bring to the fore and pull the book together. I think she's hit a flaw in the book, but now it's what do I cut and what do I beef up? Whatever I pick, it means a lot of reworking . . . and I'm already working on two other projects and have a final review of In Winter's Grip coming. Like that old Tommy Roe song . . . you're making me Dizzy, My head is spinning, Like a whirlpool it never ends . . . I'm known for botching up lyrics and getting the names of singers (and friends) wrong so hope that was a proper rendition. Anyhow, you get the idea.

Mary Jane Maffini and I have booked two events on our road trip to Muncie Indiana. In addition to the Foul Play bookstore in Westerville, Ohio, we've now got a stop in the South Euclid branch of the Cuyahoga Public Library in Ohio. The library is in an old mansion and there is a fountain in the room where we'll be reading. Both stops include dinner or lunch with the organizers - this trip is shaping up to be great fun. I've never set foot in Ohio so it'll be a new state notch in my belt.

So, an update on what you're really interested in - our front steps. Two photos on my Facebook fan page this week - one of the progress and one of the reason why. Ted might just get to the backyard projects if this keeps up. Ted, Tiger and Weirsy are all in a slump, and that's not all bad.

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