Friday, July 2, 2010

Hot Time Summer in the City

The day after Canada Day and the official first day of my summer vacation. I spent a lovely afternoon with author Mary Jane Maffini - lunch on her balcony overlooking the Rideau River - and then, we got down to business. We're plotting our October road trip to Muncie Indiana where we will take part in Magna Cum Murder, an annual mystery conference. We managed to book an engagement at a bookstore called Foul Play in Westerville, Ohio en route, and the store owner would like to take us out to dinner after our readings. We've sent out e-mails to other spots along the way, gauging where we will be when and then figuring out what we can manage. Mary Jane has a lot of contacts in the U.S. and that makes planning much easier. It's a thirteen hour drive each way so lots of potential bookstores and libraries. I'll post a listing on my website once all is finalized.

If you've read Mary Jane's books, you know that she has three series going, all mysteries with a comedic bent. Mary Jane is also a very funny lady so if we manage half the laughter we had over lunch, this trip should be a ton of fun. Too bad we can't bring everyone along with us :-)

I'm settling in to a bit of writing. It's felt more like work than fun lately so I'm hoping to get into a writing groove now that I have time to relax and rejuvenate. And the meteorologists are calling for sun and heat all week . . . does life get any better?

I've taken a weekly photo of 'my front steps', which my husband optimistically tells me should be done in two weeks (which is next weekend since he made the pronouncement last week). I'm thinking the odds in Vegas would not be in his favour on this one. Have a look on my Facebook fan page and you be the judge.

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  1. I loved our lunch, Brenda, and I think we will have a wonderful time on the road. Kerouac take note! Oh, too late.


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