Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back to Work

A sluggish kind of week - back at work and catching the early bus to settle into the office routine.
Working five days a week is hard on the system. Today is Saturday, and I could barely get myself out of bed. I'd probably still be in it if Ted hadn't climbed the stairs with a cup of coffee.

I did some housekeeping this week behind the scenes, including signing up for Bloody Words 2011 in June in Victoria and updating the appearances on my website with more additions to come. This should be a busy fall. Only two more months before In Winter's Grip is released and the date of the launch with Barbara Fradkin has been set - Tuesday evening, November 16th at the Library and Archives in Ottawa. Barbara writes the Inspector Green series set in Ottawa and two of her books won the Arthur Ellis award for crime novel of the year, so a popular local author with a growing fan base. It's odd that all the launches for my kids' books were in a pub and my adult one will be in the Archives. We'll still have wine available though!

I wanted to say what great friends and family I have. I am humbled by the support I have received and am often amazed by your generosity. Thank you for coming out to my events, sending encouraging e-mails, travelling around the city and province with me and enjoying my books - I am one fortunate cookie.

Well, Ted has been beavering away on our front steps. The latest photo on my fan page shows incredible progress. The orange thing is still there but now is just for show (he tells me). At this rate, we'll be sitting on the deck, drinking our morning coffee before much longer. I might not even have to wear my parka. Speaking of coffee, there's time for another cup before I start on the day. I will be going through my current manuscript beginning to end to adjust the plot as required and to tidy up some editing before I head into the home stretch . . . . but no rush today. I have no buses to catch or deadlines to meet . . . life is all good.

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