Friday, July 16, 2010

The Holiday Continues . . .

My holidays are drawing to a close and just when I was getting into a good rhythm of reading, writing and visiting friends. Yes, the log jam in my noggin with my latest manuscript has been broken and I am back writing away with ideas coming freely. I'm liking it again!

I've also been back working out, believe it or not, to get in shape for curling this fall. I'm on two teams - skipping a ladies' team and playing lead in the open competitive - as we say in curling, I got "picked up" by three men. Perhaps, they should look at changing this expression. Playing lead means a lot of sweeping, which requires lots of muscles if you would like to be effective. Anyhow, my recent workouts have been balanced out by eating in restaurants and drinking wine in the evenings. (I'm on holidays after all, not in boot camp.) Therefore, the before and after photos of me show about as much progress as our front steps being built by Ted. Have a look at my Facebook fan page for the latest development (yes, development is singular on purpose).

A little article by Katherine Hobbs is in my community paper this week about the library award I received a few weeks ago. Very nice and mentions my upcoming release. Thanks Katherine!

The manager of the Chapters in the Pinecrest mall invited me to a book signing tomorrow from 1:00 to 3:00 so that's where you'll find me. I'm hoping to see a few familiar faces :-)

I've was invited yesterday by the Ottawa Public Library to lead another writing workshop for kids in November and we've settled on a Saturday. I'm not sure which branch yet - it's kind of cool when you start getting invitations without advertising. Other authors had told me this starts happening once you've had a few books published, and I'm becoming a believer.

Well, two weeks of vacation have left me very relaxed and full of energy. I'll just go have a little nap and watch some of the British Open while I think how to put this energy to good use . . . .

I hope you are letting the long, lazy days of summer take hold too.

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