Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lots to Celebrate (Except the snow)!

You've probably heard by now that Rachel Homan, Emma Miskew, Joanne Courtney, Lisa Weagle with fifth Cheryl Kreviazuk and coach Adam Kingsbury are world champions! They beat Russia in the gold medal game early last Sunday morning and we couldn't be prouder. About two hundred met Lisa and Emma at the airport Monday night and here are a few pics.

 World Champs Emma and Lisa

 Media out in force.
Even Trooper out to meet Lisa - note he's smiling :-)

And this morning, we woke up to more snow on the ground and not even an April Fool's joke. I stocked up on food yesterday so that I wouldn't have to drive anywhere today, having the summer tires put on earlier this week. I might have been a tad optimistic.

I've been plugging away at my writing projects this week. Getting up to 16000 words on latest manuscript; completed final edits and wrote a cover blurb for Missing Her, the Grassroots novella; checked in with the Heart and Crown and ordered finger food for this Friday evening's launch; researched and wrote a couple of paragraphs for the workbook series . . . 

I'm enjoying working on the main idea paragraphs. This week, I researched black holes and drones. The trick is writing at a grade 4/5 level as these are rather complicated topics. Did you know that some black holes are the size of an atom with the mass of a large mountain? Or that Amazon is planning to use drones to deliver packages in under half an hour? I'm becoming a fount of information and will be a welcome addition to cocktail parties.

Okay, so the Ottawa book launch is coming this Friday, April 7 at the Heart and Crown on Preston. Books on Beechwood will have books for purchase and my good friend Mary Jane Maffini will MC. I hope you can come by and help celebrate Shallow End!

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