Saturday, April 8, 2017

Shallow End Gets A Night Out

Shallow End is officially launched!

A great turn out last night at the Heart and Crown - I was so pleased and touched to see everyone as they came in. Special thanks to Mary Jane Maffini, who acted as MC and Fred Taylor, who was the event photographer. I'm waiting for his photos and will post once I have them :-) Also so great to have my cousin Janet Chapman from Montreal at the launch.

Thank you to Stephanie and Antoinette from Books on Beechwood for coming out on a Friday night to sell books - so very much appreciated.

The Heart and Crown was a good space but noisy when it came time to give a talk. I'd also pre-ordered a bunch of finger food that never made it out of the kitchen. I was so busy signing books that I never realized the food wasn't out as we'd also arranged. Anyhow, the staff was friendly and everyone appeared to have a good time despite a lack of snacks. Next time, I'll order double ....

Next event is this coming Saturday, April 15 from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at Sleuth of Baker Street in Toronto. I'll be appearing with fellow authors Steve Burrows and Leslie Shimotakahara. We'll be doing short readings and chatting - looking forward to meeting them and Toronto mystery fans.

Back in Ottawa, you can catch me signing at Coles Carlingwood on Saturday, April 22 (11:00-2:00) and Chapters Kanata on Saturday, April 29 (1:00-3:00).

So, a slow morning today. Ten of us went across the street to La Favorita and had pizza after the launch ended around nine. Someone (Kendall) kept filling my wine glass and the night rolled along nicely.

This week, I completed the chapter questions for the next Anna Sweet and submitted them to the publisher. I also kept working away on the manuscript and need to keep plugging away on it in the week ahead. I'm taking time out now though to make chapter notes and try to organize the plot points so that I keep things straight as I move forward. Painful to do but helps immensely down the road.

Well, it's been a three cup of coffee morning and I think I'm ready now for a cup of tea. I hope you're having a good weekend as well, maybe already into chapter one of Shallow End ...:-)

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