Saturday, July 2, 2016

Catching Up

I almost forgot to make a blog entry today as I've begun working on the latest manuscript. Hitting 35,000 words today and pretty much on target. I'll be honest when I say that this portion has had me struggling as I figure out the plot lines. I finished reading a nonfiction book that I've got from the library along with a historical video that I've also watched. I want to incorporate some of the information into the main story line and am still working out how it will fit in with a couple of my characters. Some thought-provoking reading.

No publicity in the works this week although I received an invitation to speak at one of the local writing groups later this year. The topic will be about writing a series and how to keep one going. This will involve some prep work but always good to consider the writing process and figure out what needs refining.

Whenever I meet up with friends lately, they ask if I've got a writing routine going now that I'm retired. It's been tougher than you might think to settle down into a daily schedule. I tend to write for an hour or so in the morning and then a few hours in the afternoon. Sometimes, I'm tapping away in the evening but usually if I haven't managed to sit at the keyboard for very long during the day. I'm more or less into a routine, but its never the same every day if that makes sense. I'm managing to get the minimum word count in, and the few days that I don't, I up my word count for the next day. If I'm really into a scene though, I can write for hours straight.

I took yesterday off, however. Canada Day. We had some friends over for a glass of wine before heading into Westboro village for supper at a very fine Italian restaurant. We were watching the end, or what we thought was the end, of the Blue Jays - Cleveland game on tv. It went nineteen innings before Cleveland won 2-1. The Jays had even used two infielders to pitch the last two innings. Crazy but entertaining. We ended our evening listening to a live band at Whispers pub so all in all a great way to celebrate Canada's 149th birthday. Next year is going to be a celebration not to be missed.

So, back at the keyboard now. I'll put on CBC radio and listen to The Last Chapter later in the afternoon. I love these lazy Saturdays. In fact, I love these lazy weekends with nothing major on the agenda and what feels like all the time in the world.

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