Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer Lull

Into the last week of June. Where does time fly? This was a good week for settling in and writing every morning. I'll pass 32,000 words today and know I'm going to have some rewriting when all is said and done. I have a subplot going that I'm not sure is working. I'm going to give it a bit of time to see if it comes together.

My writing buddy Trooper (sleeping next to me as I type) went shopping for a new ball last week and had his picture taken at the pet shop as part of a Humane Society fundraiser that happened to be going on. Such a face!

I'm also doing some research about the 1960s-80s and found that Wikepedia wasn't doing it. I biked to the public library and took out a biography and video of the period in a European country. Another plot element to tie into this story. We always get asked what kind of research we do for books, and I have to say that it varies depending on the story. This manuscript requires some background digging to flesh out a couple of characters.

All is quiet on the publicity front this week although my Dundurn publicist Michelle is working on lining up a few gigs behind the scenes. My schedule is a lot more flexible now that I am retired! I've been invited to three local book clubs in the upcoming months and am looking forward to meeting some readers and discussing the Stonechild series. I can fit in a few more book clubs if other Ottawa clubs are looking to invite an author.

I went to the wrap up evening for Capital Crime Writers on Wednesday, held upstairs at a restaurant in my neighbourhood. We were supposed to have the final dinner a few weeks ago in the Byward Market, but the sinkhole on Rideau the same day put an end to that. New members are welcome to join in September when the first meeting takes place. Here is a link to the CCW website - some terrific guest speakers even if you aren't a writer. We have a few members who don't write but who come out because the talks are so interesting. The short story contest is open to anyone over 18 living in the NCR - you don't have to be a CCW member - so if you want to try your hand at writing a 3500 word story with a crime involved in the plot line, this is a great way to get started. You can even request feedback and one of our published crime writers will give constructive advice.

Well, I have to now turn to my manuscript and meet the word count for the day. It promises to be a hot, sunny weekend so just a lovely time to write, putter in the garden and sit on the veranda in the shade reading with the odd game of go fetch thrown in. I hope you are also enjoying this full first week of summer. If we could slow down time and stretch out these gorgeous lazy days, life would be just about ideallic.


  1. Your tenacity is an inspiration, Brenda and of course love the photos of Trooper. Reading this is getting me moving on the next to finishing edits – before the editor has a go at it that is – of my second book.

    1. Thanks Patricia and looking forward to the second book in your series!