Saturday, July 30, 2016

In the Great Northwest

Good morning from Thunder Bay. The weather here has been absolutely beautiful all week and so good to see my family and Lake Superior again.

I went to the CBC radio station Thursday morning to pre tape an interview that ran on Superior Morning early Friday. Host Lisa Laco was on holidays but her replacement Matt was great and it turns out he knew my sister Donna who came with me to the studio - in fact, they used to be next door neighbours. Thunder Bay is about 110,000 people so that makes for mighty small odds! If they post the interview in a podcast, I'll post the link. It was a fun interview.

Today, I'm slated to be at Chapters in Intercity from 1:00 to 3:00, so let any of your Thunder Bay friends know if they'd like to drop by. My niece Laura is going to keep me company. I fly home Monday and have another radio interview scheduled on 1310 News AM radio with Carol Anne Meehan on Wednesday sometime between 1:00 and 3:00. Still have to confirm the date and time.

I haven't got any writing in this week but will get back on schedule Tuesday. My fingers are itchy to get back at it, but I haven't minded a holiday. The Shallow End manuscript will be popping back for one last look as well with another tight deadline. I have to wonder when did I ever find time to work full time?!

It's another sunny, gorgeous morning here in Northwestern Ontario. I can just see Lake Superior between the rooftops and hope to get down to the harbour again before I leave. You can see the lake from almost anywhere this part of the city. Time to get a cup of coffee and go sit in my sister's back garden to get this day underway.

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