Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Little Work, A Little Play

Good Saturday everyone. Just a short check in today.

I spent most of the week editing the Shallow End manuscript, taking my time and rewriting some bits, deleting others and answering questions posed by my Dundurn editor. I have a new editor this time around. I'm at the point where I'm questioning whether the writing is any good or not - this happens with every book and I'm not sure why the self-confidence disappears. Maybe, I've read the text over too often.  Are all authors this critical of their own work?

I'm now having trouble getting engaged again in my latest manuscript, so far untitled. I'm going to have to force myself to buckle down. One step forward...

Well, the weather this week is exquisite - sunny, hot, blue sky - I've managed to sit in the back garden reading and polished off Adrian McKinty's Gun Street Girl and have now moved on to his next Rain Dogs. Jim at Perfect Books recommended this Irish crime novelist and I'm now a big fan. His main character is Detective Sean Duffy, a Catholic cop working in a Protestant district in Belfast in the 1980s. Duffy is irreverent, funny and dogged. Much of the humour comes through the dialogue and the direction of the plot lines is unpredictable. Drop by Perfect Books and pick up his first The Cold Cold Ground and become hooked too!

I see writing, reading, gardening and family time on my horizon. Housework not so much but some cooking for sure as we get together for dinner, with friends tonight and family tomorrow after Ted finishes a round of golf on the one day of the year dedicated to dads :-)

Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there. I'll raise my gin and tonic in your honour tomorrow!

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