Saturday, June 11, 2016

Finding the Muse

A couple of writing things this week.

Shallow End, the fourth in the Stonechild series, arrived with edits and questions for me to go through and due next week. I've started reading through the manuscript again and am doing another thorough edit. This means setting aside the latest manuscript that I've been writing for a week...I'd found my writing groove and hope it resurfaces after a little break.

I'm now booked to do a signing at Thunder Bay Chapters on Saturday, July 30 from 1-3 p.m. My old stomping grounds. I've also been invited to visit a book club early July at a local restaurant to discuss the Stonechild series over supper. Should be fun. Finally, this week, I was booked to film an interview on the Cable 22 show Ellie's Read on Ottawa and that will happen in August. So lots on the horizon.

Prose in the Park was another lovely day with temperatures in the mid-twenties and bright sunshine. I brought copies of my books to the Capital Crime Writers tent and sold copies all day alongside some other Ottawa crime writers: Tom Curran, Linda Wiken, Jeff Ross and Patricia Filteau. CCW President Michael Murphy organized us and spent the day at the tent helping out. He's one terrific guy.

 (l to r) Linda Wiken, Tom Curran, me, Patricia Filteau, Joe Italiano and Madona Skaff
 with Tom Curran and Jeff Ross
 Linda Wiken
Michael Murphy

I spoke with lots of readers and sold lots of books before taking the stage with John Farrow, Ian Hamilton, Peter Kirby and Dietrich Kalteis on a panel entitled "Code of Conduct". It turns out we were being recorded for a CKCU radio show and you can hear an edited version online - the wind is a presence on the tape, but you can hear the discussion clearly enough.It runs about half an hour.

(l to r) Peter Kirby, Ian Hamilton, me, Dietrich Kalteis and John Farrow

And what post would be complete without a picture of my writing buddy. Trooper spent most of the week at my side while I typed away, broken up by walks and games of go fetch. Is this what they call a muse? :-)

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