Saturday, January 30, 2016

Mid-winter Book News

We were on the road last weekend and I missed a blog post, but I'm back this cold, snowy Saturday morning with some bits of book news.

I completed the Anna Sweet manuscript a few days ago and sent it to the publisher. She let me know that she plans to read it this weekend and will send her comments. This was a fun one to write, but there is a challenge to writing a mystery in under 15,000 words...formulating a plot, developing characters and real room to spread out or elaborate. Every word has to count. Fingers crossed that this one is well received.

A box of Tumbled Graves bookmarks arrived in the mail earlier this week. I'm pleased to have them in time for my trip to Left Coast Crime in Phoenix at the end of February.

And speaking of Left Coast Crime, I received my panel assignment, which is entitled "Heroes with a Badge--Sleuths in Law Enforcement". Barbara Fradkin is also on the panel as are American authors Neal Griffin, Tyler Dilts and Peg Brantley. I'm looking forward to meeting these authors. I see from Neal Griffin's website that he is a former marine and currently a detective lieutenant on the police force in San Diego county. You meet some fascinating people at these book conferences. Anyhow, I've had a bit of homework for the panel, which I took care of yesterday.

I'm going to be at the Poisoned Pen bookstore in Phoenix the evening that I arrive along with several other authors. The owner wants to introduce us to their clients, particularly the Canadian snowbirds. Then, on the Friday night, Crime Writers of Canada is hosting an event to introduce Canadian authors to those attending the conference. Should be a fun time and hopefully helpful with attracting some new readers.

So, I've just completed two weeks of holidays and am back to work Monday for two weeks before taking another couple of weeks off. It won't be long now before I'm a full-time author! I think I'm going to have to set my alarm and get into a work-at-home rhythm as I seem to be sleeping in later and later every morning. Of course, the weather hasn't made me want to leap out of bed at sunrise. I managed to get up at a decent hour today, which calls for another cup of coffee.

I almost forgot to mention a good review for Tumbled Graves in Publisher's Weekly. This is the first review from a professional reviewer so a good sign. I've also heard through my publicist that the book is getting another thumbs by a reviewer who posts in a publication for librarians.Onwards and upwards, people! :-)

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