Saturday, January 9, 2016

Let's Get this Party Started

Greetings friends.

Book activity picked up this week. I was asked to do a Q and A for the Dundurn blog, which I completed and submitted. It will be posted March 1st right after the Tumbled Graves release. I've also seen templates for the book launch invitation at Whispers Pub April 3rd, bookmarks and the back cover. I booked a signing at Perfect Books (Elgin Street) on Saturday, April 16th and will have to line up some more through my Chapters connections. I also submitted a short bio and picture for the Left Coast Crime conference booklet...and, rounding into the final chapter of my latest manuscript.

So far, January is speeding by and the rest of this month promises to be busy, mainly with curling, both playing and watching. Our daughter Lisa was on TSN last evening in Banff and will be on again next weekend in Vegas. They're then in provincials in Brampton and we'll make the trip to cheer them on. Meanwhile, Ted and I are in a city-wide mixed bonspiel this upcoming week. For those of you wondering, "What the heck is curling?" I recently penned a short piece for a blog that you might find informative. Yes, the competitive gene appears to be running through my veins. I blame my ancestors.

Thank you to all the bloggers who've been giving Tumbled Graves an advance read and posting reviews. It seems quite a few haven't read the first two books in the series but they enjoy this one enough to go back and read the others. Their reviews can be found on Goodreads. Apparently, you can't post reviews on Amazon until the book is released. This is important because the number of Amazon reviews moves a book up in search engines and gives it a more prominent position. You can really help out your favorite authors by posting a short review on this and other book sites.

So, lots going on and lots on the horizon. We've got a weekend of rain and fog in Ottawa after a few frigid days early in the week. I went out and bought some waterproof boots that are good for -30 degree temperatures. My wardrobe is having trouble keeping up with all these changes. Some mornings it's a toss up whether to put on the bikini or parka. (The bikini might be a stretch - and if that's not a double entendre, I don't know what is.)

Time to make my way through the slush to run some errands. Have a good week, everyone.

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