Friday, February 5, 2016

Tumbled Graves Makes Its Debut

You know that feeling of anticipation, waiting for something good to happen? Well, this is what it feels like waiting for a book to be released. Checking for reviews, watching for bookstores to say your book has been received, having the book in your's all part of the excitement and dare I say, trepidation. Kind of like waiting for your birthday when you're a kid...or the birth of your child, to which a new book is often compared.

Tumbled Graves is supposed to be released on February 27th, so imagine my surprise to get an e-mail from Jim the owner of Perfect Books on Elgin Thursday afternoon. Not only had he received copies, but he had them on the shelves and asked me to drop by to sign them. I made the trek from my office on Sparks Street to Perfect Books Friday lunch hour, and sure enough, he had about a dozen copies. I signed them all as well as a copy of Cold Mourning that a woman was purchasing as I walked in. I haven't yet received my author copies of the latest book so still waiting for this additional bit of joy.

The Ottawa book launch will be Sunday, April 3 at Whispers pub, a bit after the book becomes available, but March is a busy month and this was the first available date. I'm starting to get the word out and will ramp up toward the end of February. I hope you can save the date. 

As I left things last week, I had submitted the fifth Anna Sweet novella to my publisher at Grassroots Press. Well, her verdict is a big thumbs up! She said that the storyline captured her from the opening chapter and she never guessed the ending. As they say in hockey, score! The editing will start shortly and a cover design will follow. The title of this one is No Trace. We are also in discussion to do another project next year.

I started writing the opening chapter for the fifth Stonechild and Rouleau and managed the first 500 words. After I retread it, I wondered which undiscovered, traumatized part of me I'd pulled this out of because it was just that bit creepy. I have the outline of the plot in my head with characters and crime jotted down on paper. I'm intending to get the rest of the opening chapter written this weekend. I might need counselling or a stiff drink by Sunday night. 

We've been having one strange winter here in Ottawa. Barely any snow and days alternate between deep freeze and balmy. It rains and snows, melts and freezes. Last week felt like March and even the afternoon light reminded me of spring. January and February are normally the heart of winter and the time when many escape south for a reprieve from the cold. Already, I'm thinking about working in my garden and sitting outside reading. If this crazy weather continues, it won't be long. 

Lots of good stuff just around the corner! Have a good week, everyone. 

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