Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sweeping in Some Fun

I'm starting two weeks of vacation leave from work today and celebrated by sleeping twelve hours. I know - I'm leading the dream life.

I managed to finish the first draft of my manuscript for the fifth Anna Sweet novella, hovering around the 14,000 word mark, which is about two thousand words over my target. I gave the story one complete read through and found a few errors (naturally). I also found a few spots where I needed to revise since the writing didn't ring true. The ending, for example, needs to be changed. I also have to come up with a title. I'll be putting on the final touches the last week of my vacation as this next week will be dedicated to curling.

Ted and I are in the midst of that city-wide bonspiel I mentioned last week in the blog. We managed to win our first two games and have two more today. We need to win one to make it to the finals tomorrow - the games get tougher as you go along so we're hoping to be amongst the last ones standing....but you never know.

(I am really hoping we are yellow.)

Our daughter Lisa is playing in the mixed doubles today in the Continental Cup, live from Vegas. She'll be on TSN at noon EST today if you have a chance to catch the game. Then, Team Homan returns home in time for provincial play downs, starting Monday. We'll be heading out to see them and cheer them on.

I'm planning to take a few weeks off writing at the beginning of February and then will start the fifth Stonechild and Rouleau, which is due next February. This gives me a full year and I'll be retired from my government job so more time to dedicate to the writing life. I'm excited for this change to my schedule. I'm also thinking about taking on more writing projects, but nothing concrete yet. Just a few ideas percolating.

So, I'd best start limbering up for the day ahead and all the rock-throwing and sweeping. I didn't mention the East Coast party tonight at one of the curling clubs complete with a seafood supper. We have to make it through two games to reach the party-carrot, but all in the name of fun.

Good week, everyone.

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