Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Sweet Start to September

Anna Sweet number three has arrived!

My publisher Pat Campbell says that this is her favourite in the series so far. I can't comment since that would be like picking amongst my children. However, I do think this is a good little read. Already, my dedicated readers are asking to buy copies.-- thanks so much to everyone. The books can be downloaded from Amazon or you can order directly from Grassroots Press. For those working in adult literacy, free chapter questions are downloads from the publisher site (also written by me!)

I finished the fourth Anna Sweet last week and submitted to Pat. She sent very positive feedback a few days later and has sent it to the editor. I'm not sure when A Model Death will be released, but the process has begun. I imagine I'll be receiving cover design images for my opinion in the near future. Such fun.

I've taken a week break from writing although I had an event in Perth last Saturday. After a great supper with Ted and friends at Bistro 54 (highly recommend), Tom Curran and I read from our books before the Classic Theatre's production, Dial M for Murder. I went first and read from Cold Mourning - rather cool to be standing on stage in the middle of the set, which you can see in the photos. My reading was well received and several copies sold at intermission. The play was great too!

Even though I've been 'on a break' from writing this week, I've been plotting my next Stonechild and Rouleau and got so far as to write an opening paragraph. I'm eager to get started again and will be putting some time into the opening chapter this week.

The engine has recharged and I'm raring to get back at it :-)

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