Saturday, September 27, 2014

A Little Catch Up

Just when you thought it was time to dryclean the winter coat, summer returns....and I am not complaining. Dusted off some shorts this morning as I get dressed to go curl my first game of the year this morning. Feeling a little like I have my feet in two seasons.

A Model Death has returned from the editor with her edits that I need to look at over the weekend. I have some other house-keeping to do - send in a bio for the October 15 event at Grounded Cafe, get caught up on some paperwork, find some past reviews for my Good Reads publisher - nothing overly pressing, but stuff that needs doing.

And, my exciting news this week is that I've hired an American publicist to promote Butterfly Kills. She's going to work on getting it reviewed in American publications and newspapers, so would be wonderful to get some U.S. press.

I'm going to carve out some time this week to work on my latest manuscript, now just over 3000 words. Time is getting to be hard to find as October looks like a mighty busy month already. My daytimer is already chock full.

Speaking of which, time to find my curling broom and head to the club. I'll be back at my computer this afternoon with sore legs I expect from getting down in the hack and sliding. Still, nice to get out there and throw some rocks even if I should be outside cleaning up the garden.

Enjoy the day, everyone.

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