Saturday, August 30, 2014

Feet Up, Popping a Cold One

Kicking back, hands behind head and feet on desk.

I submitted the fourth Anna Sweet manuscript to Grass Roots Press early last week, and currently have NO writing projects on the go.

Yes, I am on holiday.

Except for the nail-biting part, waiting for Dundurn and Grass Roots publishers to critique the two manuscripts that I submitted this summer. Tim Wynne-Jones as keynote speaker at a Capital Crime Writers Christmas dinner a few years ago read from his fake 'diary' where he chronicled sending in a manuscript and getting more and more paranoid the longer his publisher didn't give feedback. He went from believing the book was the next Pulitzer prize winner to knowing he should hang up his pen. The thing is, Tim nailed the author insecurity. Every time someone looks at our work, we hold our breath. I imagine even the established, best-selling authors have the same self-doubt at their core.

I've got a gig on this evening in Perth. Thomas Curran and I will be reading from our work before the Classic Theatre Festival puts on Dial M for Murder, an old Hitchcock classic. I'll read a few snippets from Cold Mourning and this is actually the first time I'm doing a reading from this book. Wish me luck - maybe, that break a leg thing.

I still haven't received my copies of To Keep a Secret (3rd Anna Sweet) but hear that the books are on their way. So, sometime next week, I'll have the book in my hands. I like the cover and am rather fond of the story too. Anna Sweet is someone I'd like to have as a friend, or at the very least, trying to keep me out of jail.


Capital Crime Writers is gearing up for the first fall meeting on Wednesday, September 10. Meetings take place in Ottawa City Hall in the Honeywell Room from 7-9 p.m. The cost is a measly $30 a year and for this fee, you get to hear fascinating guest speakers speak about their fields of expertise and there are a few parties along the way. This month's speaker is Acting Staff Sergeant Ken Bryden from the Ottawa force, and he'll be talking about the guns and gangs situation in our city. New members are always welcome so come join the group if you have an interest.

Back to school underway for all the kids on Tuesday after we all enjoy the long weekend. Curling starts for the competitive teams this week too, and I have two daughters on the competitive trail. This promises to be a busy and exciting fall, following their tournaments online and in person. I'm also on two club-level teams and that starts up in another month.

I don't know how long I'll last before I start on my next manuscript, but imagine we won't be far into September. Already, I'm plotting in my head - soon my fingers are going to find their way back to the keyboard.

But for this week, I'm on holiday :-)

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