Saturday, January 25, 2014

You Don't Want to Know

I have one question: Will January never end?

Back in the deep freeze with snow in the forecast for today. Ted talking about moving to Ecquador. My arguments against are getting weaker.

We're getting organized to go to Montreal for some of the Scotties - our national ladies curling tournament - to watch our daughter Lisa curl with Team Homan. I was talking with my second daughter Julia on the phone about Montreal a few days ago and tossed in a final question: "Do you know where the biker bars are in Montreal?"

"What the . . . ?!" pause "What? What are you up to, Mom?"

"Research. It's for the book I'm working on now. I'm just looking at a Web page called 'The rough sections of Montreal . . ." I let my voice trail away and we both start laughing.

The next day, Ted says to me, "That phone number on your desk with the Montreal area code, is that your cousin's? The one we're meeting at the first game?"

"Uh, no. That would be the number of a swingers' bar in Montreal."

Silence. His eyes widen.

 "I'm doing some research."

He doesn't ask any more questions.

Ted's been all around Eastern Ontario with me, looking for places to dump bodies or taking photos of towns where my cops will be tracking down a killer or two . . . he's gamely discussed how to poison someone or what happens to a body when a person freezes to death. Nothing much surprises him anymore.

I guess this is a good thing.

Writing is going very well this week. A couple of my cops are in Montreal interviewing witnesses at a fictional biker bar, which happens to be located near the site of an actual swingers' bar (it all comes together). They'll be heading back to Kingston by the end of the day today although I see a return trip later in the manuscript.

This feels like a bit of a limbo time - I'm starting to invite friends to the March 9 Cold Mourning book launch, using the lovely electronic invitation created by Dundurn. I happened to meet Stacy, the manager of Whispers at a pharmacy yesterday afternoon - turns out we both have the same sinus infection - and we'll get together to discuss appetizers before the event. Food, beer and books. You really should put the afternoon on your calendar. It should be a fine party.

I'm sure we'll come up with lots of interesting things to talk about.

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