Friday, January 31, 2014

Interesting Times

So another week under the weather combined with a busy week at work left me without much energy to write in the evenings. But I am on the mend . . . thanks to a round of antibiotics.

Today, I received the formatted final of To Keep A Secret and was asked to give it a final going over. I just finished my review and found a couple of minor errors, but nothing too serious. For instance, a sentence on rereading was not a sentence - just a floating half-thought. So, a few last tweaks and this one is pretty much a wrap.

Walking home from the transitway after work today I came up with the germ of an idea for book four in the Anna Sweet series. It flows out of To Keep A Secret and should take me to some interesting places. I also have the germ of an idea for the fourth Stonechild and Rouleau book - this came from a news event that I've been following. It's gotten me to ask, "What if . . .?" Both ideas need a lot of mulling over and fleshing out, but this is how I begin all the stories: with an idea to hang a plot around.

I'm getting ready to start sending out the invitation for the Cold Mourning launch on March 9. There appears to be a fine line between sending the invitation out too early (people forget) or too late (people have other plans). Already, I know of several who will be out of town, but many more have said that they will be there, including my daughters Lisa and Julia (both my curling stars) and my city councillor Katherine Hobbs. Ted will also be present to discuss his backyard project and ways to dispose of bodies . . . fictionally speaking of course.

I have a few other publicity tasks to do, such as writing a piece for Open Book Ontario that will be posted in May. I'm to write about how I select book titles - should be a glimpse into how my mind works, which is largely unfathomable, but I'll try to shed light.

And the Scotties start tomorrow in Montreal! Lots of good curling ahead and word is that TSN will be featuring Lisa's team Homan in three games this weekend. Also, an interesting tidbit. I curl with Wendy Sinclair on Thursday evenings and her daughter Andrea is curling for the Yukon at the Scotties. It might be the only time in history that two moms are curling together who have daughters curling in the Scotties for two different provinces. I think this should make that Guinness world records list. And I didn't even have to eat two thousand hotdogs or stand on my head for twelve hours to qualify.

Let me also wish my daughter Julia bonne chance this weekend in curling mixed zones in Winchester. She's coming off a win at the Navan spiel last weekend so gearing up for more victories.

I suspect this will not be the most productive writing week ahead with a few trips to Montreal in my future, but c'est la vie. On doit saisir le moment!

Good week everyone.

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