Saturday, August 3, 2013

Projects in Motion

So, the two Anna Sweet mysteries have gone to the printer's. The release date is September 3rd, one month from today. The Grass Roots Press publisher and I have been discussing a few events in Ottawa and Toronto. Grass Roots does not sell the books on Amazon but sells directly to customers.

I'll be signing copies at Brittons in the Ottawa Glebe on Saturday, October 6th from one to three in the afternoon. I'm thinking that if you are not in Ottawa, or even if you are and not able to make the October signing, just send an e-mail to me through my website and  we can make arrangements for me to send signed copies. I can buy a bulk order and pass along any savings. I've done this the odd time for people wanting signed copies of other books who do not live in Ottawa or for those who want books mailed to friends as gifts. It would be my pleasure.

I'm hard at work on book three in the series and at the 3000 word mark. I'll be spending a good part of this long weekend at the keyboard and hope to make some good progress. I've signed a contract for this one and it's due in November. The fourth is due in the spring. I'm also working on a plotline for the third Dundurn mystery and have the crime taking shape. That's where I start the story. The crime and the reason why. This line reminds me of that lyric: The needle and the damage done. Neil Young if I recall rightly.

I'm back thinking about characters and plots when I ride the bus home from work or just before falling asleep. I find myself writing when I get home from work and after supper. Some might call this an addiction. All I know is that I still get a little surge of excitement thinking about writing the next chapter.

I'm sure that Ted is feeling the same excitement thinking about the backyard project (or not):-)  Last weekend, he rented a jackhammer as you might recall and pounded up the concrete. The effort put his back out for the rest of the week although he managed a round of golf and didn't miss any work. (Thank you muscle relaxants.) He's off picking up lumber this morning for this weekend's shenanigans. Here's a photo of the deck's progress. Not quite ready for the lawn chairs.

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