Saturday, August 17, 2013

Picking Up Speed

A good-looking week ahead as we head into the last two weeks of August. Even a thirty-seven degree day predicted. Not time to put away the bikini yet.

This has been a productive week on a few fronts. I took on a new work assignment . . . at work, and am enjoying the challenges. I also managed to write about three thousand words on the latest manuscript, typing all last weekend and evenings all week. I'm aiming for two thousand more this weekend. The plot is coming together and at this point, I feel like my go-cart is picking up speed on the downhill stretch toward the finish line.

And only two weeks until My Sister's Keeper and The Hard Fall leave the printer's. Oddly, The Hard Fall is posted on the publisher's site for sale but not My Sister's Keeper, which is the first in the series. I'm sure that will be fixed soon.

The publisher contacted the Toronto Public Library and they are organizing a launch at one of their branches, tentatively the evening of October 1st. I spoke at length with the librarian who is organizing the event, and she told me that they had a group of readers at Frontier College read The Second Wife, a novella that I wrote a few years ago for Orca and the Rapid Reads series. She said that they really enjoyed it and she sent me some of their reviews of the book. Most heartening.

Cold Mourning from Dundurn, the first in a police procedural full-length series is also being sent out to reviewers in advance of a spring launch. Spring seems like a long time to wait. That means getting through another winter first. But winter means curling.

Did I mention that our daughter Lisa will be playing in the Olympic trials on the Rachel Homan curling team? No?! I'm sure I must have mentioned it before now:-) The trials are in Winnipeg the first week of December. You can imagine that we're getting pumped for the season ahead.

We ate Chinese takeout last night and my fortune cookie says, "The current year will bring you much happiness". I'm pretty sure these predictions are rock solid . . . curling rock solid, even.

So I've had several people ask me how the backyard deck is progressing. Well, let's just say that if I posted a photo this week, it would be a photo of the same pile of rubble as two weeks ago. However, I'm convinced this project is like one of those caterpiller into a butterfly miracles. Ted is working away with no outward signs of change. One day, we will all be amazed. Older, but amazed.

This weekend is starting like the last several before it. I'm about to have another cup of coffee while I read for a bit. Next, a bike ride and then, I'll get to the writing. Intersperse that with a trip to the market, time in the garden and dinner out, and the day will roll by, kind of like that go-cart speeding downhill. Next thing you know, it will be Christmas.

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