Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Little Interlude and a Dose of Procrastination

Off to a lazy start today. My new assignment at work has me tired. They call it the learning curve.

A knock at the door last night around nine o'clock and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers from Bill and Jane Guy. A lovely surprise I thought I'd share:

So, Grass Roots Press has posted My Sister's Keeper and The Hard Fall for order although they do not arrive back from the printer until September 3rd. While they are publicized for adult literacy, they make for good, quick reads for anyone. I'm kind of hooked on the characters myself. I've been working away on book three and am getting close to the climax of the story. I was going great guns all last weekend until about Wednesday evening. Then, the work week caught up with my energy level . . . and, I got my nose into a good thriller that I had trouble putting down - Indelible by Karin Slaughter. I saw Karin on a few panels at Cleveland Bouchercon. Read her bio from the link and you'll see why I started going to the panels that she was on. Great sense of humour and not bad at spinning an up-half-the-night-reading-when-you-should-be-sleeping tale as evidenced by my nose in her book all week.

I received an e-mail from a reporter in Toronto who wanted me to write a few lines about fall books that I plan to read. She's writing an article for the Ottawa Citizen. It was very hard to limit my choices, I have to tell you. It's been fun looking at the lists of new publications - Publisher's Weekly lists over 2000 new fiction releases alone.

Big news on the backyard construction site - the rubble is off to the dump today. One load is gone and another waiting to be loaded. Then, a load of asphalt will join its brothers at the landfill site and we'll be ready to start building. We could conceivably be buying deck furniture before the snow flies. Do they have November sales I wonder?

Well, enough procrastination. Back to my writing. I'll just tuck the two new Karin Slaughter books that I bought yesterday away of sight . . . . time to get this writing party started.

Somebody pass me a Red Bull and they'll be no slowing me down.

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