Friday, April 2, 2010

What wonderful weather for the second of April - twenty-six degrees and sunshine. The heat brought out neighbours and the day was spent catching up with old friends. I managed to get in a bit of writing and wrote about 2500 words since last weekend. Not quite 30,000 words yet, but I should be by Easter Monday.

The Awesome Authors' awards evening went like a clock. It was held in the Chambers at Ben Franklin Place - basically a theatre, which was packed with kids and their families. We were three judges, each responsible for a different category. I judged English short stories while the two other judges handled Enlish poetry and French poetry and short stories. The spirit of the evening was to encourage all of the kids to keep writing, whether their submission won or not. Lots of door prizes and every kid got a package of stuff.

I came home Thursday to an e-mail from Gillian O'Reilly Editor for the Canadian Children's Book News, a magazine with national distribution. She asked to interview me for an issue which will contain an article about different children's mystery authors. I should be in good company as there are a lot of good mystery authors across the country.

Well, tomorrow promises to be an ever warmer, sunnier day than today - we're breaking records like never before. One amazing record is that Ottawa had no snow whatsoever for the whole month of March. Luckily for the trees, we are having rain later this week - and lucky for authors as the rain keeps us indoors at our computers!

Happy Easter, everyone.

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