Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wednesday after work, I hurried over to Cafe Toulouse to meet publicist Rachel Sentes and her partner, agent Brian Wood for some tea and conversation. Rachel lives in Edmonton and Brian in Vancouver, and they are on a tour of authors, publicists, agents - people in the business. Networking is a major part of any profession, but especially so for publicists and agents. Rachel and I discussed the release of In Winter's Grip and she is keen to start ramping up the publicity. Our goal is to get my book into the western and U.S. markets. She meets with my publisher in Toronto early next week so there will be another connection made. All very exciting but daunting too.

This week, I will attend the Ottawa Public Library's Awesome Author contest event at Ben Franklin Place. I'm to hand out the English short story awards so I'll fill you in on that next week. From what I understand, most of the kids who entered the contest show up with their families - there were about a hundred short stories alone (also poetry and French short story categories) so it could be a packed room.

My writing started off great guns last weekend until a doozie of a headache hit and laid me up for a few days. I'm now at 27,000 words. Tune in next weekend to see if I hit 30,000. Could be close. I give five to one odds.

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