Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, I'm starting to enjoy the characters in this latest manuscript. I've been writing during my lunch hour at work and managing to get a flow going. Sometimes, I find myself still working on a scene just before bed. This book is taking a few twists I hadn't planned on, including a few racy, sex scenes. Something to read out loud at library events . . . or maybe not.

Anyhow, I've been doing a lot of thinking about the next scenes and what happens to the characters as I ride home from work on the bus. (A few times, I've almost missed getting off at my stop.) Characters really do start taking on a life of their own. It's odd, but you start to think of them as real people. I have trouble putting the ones I like in harm's way or having something horrible happen to them, and when bad things do happen to characters I like, it's draining. Readers go through the same experience - you become personally invested in characters' lives once you're hooked on the story.

I have some housekeeping stuff to do this weekend, including an update of my website and some publicity work that Rachel sent me in an e-mail yesterday. Rachel is contacting blogs and book reviewers for In Winter's Grip, which will likely have a September release. She's starting to get the ducks in a row.

I'm reading Linwood Barclay's novel, Never Look Away. It's a 2010 thriller, and I think, some of his best writing. The plot has a great premise and some unexpected twists. Definitely worth a read. This week, I'm going to try to get to the theatre to watch The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - I hear it's excellent - Swedish with English subtitles. I want to see this version before Hollywood gets its hooks into the script.

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